Uniform Line Laser With Special Lens

Uniform Line Laser With Special Lens

Wavelength: 405 ~ 850 nm
Output power: 10mW ~ 400mW
Spatial Mode: TEM00, Multi Transverse Mode
Linewidth: 10μm@30mm, custom
MTBF: > 10,000 hours
Custom: YES
Applications: Machine Vision, 3D Scanning


1. Product Description

ELITE Uniform Line Laser “Special Lens” with the exclusive patent is the best choice for Machine Vision, 3D Scanning, and Measurement. The unique design and technology provide uniform intensity and uniform linewidth. ELITE experienced engineer team offers not only premium products but also the solution in machine vision for our customers

ELITE has over 20years of experience in the laser industry and serves customers worldwide. It becomes ELITE the most valuable asset. ELITE able to provide laser solutions for our customers base on their application or needs. ELITE help our customer save lots of cost and time of development.

2. Product Specification


Uniform Line Laser


405 nm ~ 850 nm

Output Power

10 mW ~ 400 mW

Spatial Mode


Line Thickness at 1/e^2

(Line Width)

10μm@30mm ~ 100μm@300mm


Fan Angles

10° 20° 30° 45° 60° 75°


≤ 0.1%

Relative Intensity

> 80%

Laser Drive Modes

CW, Analog Modulation, Digital Modulation

Laser Safety Classification


ESD Protection

Level 4

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to 60℃

Storage Temperature

-40℃ to 85℃


> 10,000 Hours 

3. Product Features and Applications

Features: High Stability, High Reliability, Ultra-lower Noise, Plug & Play, Power up to 400mW

Applications: Machine Vision, 3D Scanning, Industrial Inspection, Biomedical, Industrial Measurements, etc.

4. Product Details

Uniform Line Laser manufacturer

Uniform Line Laser supplier

Uniform Line Laser factory

Uniform Line Laser vendor

Uniform Line Laser Low price

Uniform Line Laser

5. Payment and Shipping

Payment method: Wire Transfer, T/T, PayPal,

Shipping method: FedEx (Default), DHL, UPS, TNT, SF, EMS for

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