The First Day Of Participation In The Wuhan Optical Expo!

The First Day Of Participation In The Wuhan Optical Expo!

Nov 11, 2020

Today is our first day of participation in the Wuhan Optical Expo! The CEO of ELITE, Mr. Woo also comes and attends the exhibition. The products exhibited this time include Uniform Line Lasers, BIOS Series Lasers, DPSS Series Lasers, DOE Lasers, Industrial Laser Modules, and Mini laser Modules, where, the Uniform Line Lasers, BIOS Series Lasers, and DPSS Series Lasers are the stars that attracted many exhibitors and customer's gaze.

 Customers visit Elite Optoelectronics booth

Elite Optoelectronics Products

Uniform line laser includes "Special lens" and "Powell lens" are the high-performance laser line generator(projector). “Special Lens" Uniform Line Laser is an exclusive patent, provides better uniform line width and intensity. This special solution has solved "bright spot" at both ends of the laser line and improved beam quality, Therefore, the sharpness and resolution of scanning can be improved. "Special lens" Uniform line laser extensively using in Machine Vision, 3D Scanning, and Industrial inspection.

Uniform Line Laser

Elite SMF Bios Series Laser has superior performance, high reliability, and high stability peculiarities, which is specially designed for DNA detection instruments, flow cytometer, and biological detection instruments.

BIOS Laser

Elite DPSS series Laser is the newest high-performance laser product from Elite, specially design for biological instrument and science, also extensively used in industrial inspection, environmental monitoring.

DPSS Laser

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