New Product Launched!

New Product Launched!

Apr 17, 2019

Elite Optoelectronics,the Laser Solution Provider has known as IR laser bullets and praised by buyer from all over the world.

Now, Elite Electronic Target finally appears in response as relevant requirement and assort.R&D department begin to design and develop this kind of products from the end of 2018.

As received good feedback when serve extensive range of applications, we are officially promoting the sale now .

Today's product presentation was perfect, besides the excellent performance it also has many new features.Such as :voice broadcast system, simulation gun gunfire waiting.


  1. -Audio and visual feedback

  2. -Simulation of gunfire sounds

  3. -Remote control






-An uniquely economical and simple training system.

Main Features

-No setup required

-Real-time audio and visual feedback when hits are detected.

-Large target screen and numerical display to show scores and time at longer distances.

-Shot timer for quick draw practice.

-Remote control lets you operate the device from your shooting position

                                                                                                         Contact : Anna zhou



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