Why do different brands of RGB three-color laser lamps have great color differences?

Why do different brands of RGB three-color laser lamps have great color differences?

Jan 23, 2021

For RGB color laser lamps, the products produced by domestic manufacturers are very different, especially: the purity of the white light color, the richness of the full color, the laser animation line precision is good, the three primary color spot size consistency, and so on. These differences, the most important is the choice of different accessories inside the product, which also leads to a great difference in product effect, of course, the price is also very different. There are the following requirements for the selection of accessories:

RGB Color

1.Now the mainstream semiconductor color laser lamps on the market, are the use of red, green, blue these three primary colors to light, by the three primary colors of yellow, green, purple, white these 4 colors, which is commonly known as the "color".

2. The color of the laser is generally described by the concept of wavelength. The same color has different wavelengths, such as red light: 640nm, 650nm, 660nm, 671nm and so on. These wavelengths are all red, but for the same number of watts, the brightness of the different wavelengths varies greatly. For example, one watt of 640nm red light, the naked eye is about as bright as five watts of 671nm red light or three watts of 650nm red light.

3. The purity of white light mainly depends on the different power ratio of the three primary colors, because the power of the color laser lamp refers to the sum of the power of the red, green and blue three primary colors. For a 5 watt color laser, there are many matching methods, such as: red 1 watt, green 3 watt, blue 1 watt; Or red 2 watts, green 1 watt, blue 2 watts, etc., so different power ratios will affect the purity of white light.

4. Different modulation modes of the three primary color lasers will affect the richness of the color. The modulation mode of the laser is divided into two kinds: TTL and analog. The output power of the analog modulation laser varies with the input voltage, and the TTL modulation laser only has two states of closed light and full power output, so the choice of analog modulation will greatly improve the color richness.

5. For many domestic manufacturers, chooses the three primary colors, generally red spot a lot larger than green and blue, it will affect the purity of the white light (often see a red around the white light, not the pure white light), especially to the gauze with laser projection on the animation, text, so watch the laser line will be more obvious.

6. The laser vibrator is also the core accessory of the laser lamp. The different speeds of the vibrator will affect the precision of the laser animation lines. Conventional vibrator speed: 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, 50K, etc., foreign imports of vibrator performance and effect will be much better than domestic.