What is the effect of temperature on the wavelength of lasers?

What is the effect of temperature on the wavelength of lasers?

Dec 11, 2020

Laser wavelength refers to the output wavelength of a laser, which is an important parameter of laser beam output. The corresponding output frequency is called laser frequency.

If the laser output is a single frequency, it is called a longitudinal single-mode or single frequency; if the output beam contains multiple frequencies, it is called longitudinal multimode.


This frequency output characteristic of the laser is completely determined by the properties of the transition luminescence between the relevant energy levels of the atoms (or molecules, ions) that make up the laser working material, as well as the structure and properties of the resonant cavity

The laser is a special kind of light. It has the characteristics of light, but it has purer color and greater energy than ordinary light. The wavelength of the laser is the same as that of ordinary light, from infrared to ultraviolet, there are lasers. The wavelength is about several thousand nanometers, and the closer to the ultraviolet region, the shorter the laser wavelength, which can reach hundreds of nanometers or even smaller.


The temperature change will affect the wavelength of the semiconductor laser with the split crystal of the frequency doubling crystal, because the temperature change will cause thermal expansion and contraction, change the microstructure of the frequency doubling crystal, thus changing the wavelength. If the semiconductor laser diode directly emits light, the wavelength change is less affected by the temperature, but no matter what kind of semiconductor laser, the light-emitting power is affected by the temperature The higher the temperature, the longer the wavelength. The wavelength of a laser module shifts about 2 nm with every 10 degree rise in temperature.

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