What Is Random Pattern Diffractive Optical Element (DOE)?

What Is Random Pattern Diffractive Optical Element (DOE)?

Dec 15, 2020

Random pattern DOE is one of the most commonly used structured light elements. Different from the regular arrangement of two-dimensional dot matrix, random pattern refers to the irregular arrangement of tens of thousands of dots in hundreds of thousands of pixel positions, which looks messy and obeys random probability distribution. Its material can be glass or plastic, and the lens size can be cut according to user needs.


Random pattern DOE features, DOE is made of plastic material, cost-effective. Small and exquisite, suitable for secondary installation by integrators to enhance product value.


It should be noted that the laser wavelength of the product application should match the design wavelength of the DOE. If the DOE is used for a laser wavelength that is different from the design wavelength (Δλ> 50nm), the large-angle pattern due to its symmetry will be affected by geometric the effect of distortion.

 Pseudo Random Pattern

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