What is Line Laser Module and what can it do?

What is Line Laser Module and what can it do?

Aug 25, 2020

Line laser module is a kind of laser module, in which a vertical or horizontal laser line can be projected on a surface like concrete floors, walls or ceilings. Red line laser modules and green line laser modules are the most common laser modules for application.


Line laser modules can be widely applied in construction industry for being an essential part of laser levels and alignment devices. They can be used for aligning electrical fixtures, cable trays, floor joists and tiling panels, etc.


ELITE line laser modules produce vertical line form the copper, aluminum, or stainless steel housing case. The core component, laser diode, emits a powerful laser beam that is finally shown as a visible laser line after exiting the optical glass lens.


DOE laser Module(Cross)1DOE laser Module(Line)1

These line laser modules can be attached to a tripod or acoustical ceiling grid as a useful level reference for builders to align interior construction materials within the designed specification.


Besides working as good industrial helpers, line laser modules can also be widely used for laser positioning of garment, positioning of point light source of clothing button, auxiliary marking of cloth cutting machine, laser marking positioning of garment folding edge, sewing machine automatic or manual cloth breaking machine auxiliary marking positioning. It is convenient, quick, intuitive, and practical which greatly improves work efficiency. The line laser modules can provide supporting products and technical support for various clothing equipment manufacturers. It can be installed on the vertical or horizontal plane of the machine to provide a visible laser marking line, so that there is a visible and non-contact positioning line in the whole production process to guide the operation process. It has the advantage of convenient production operations and improving production efficiency.


However, line laser modules vary hugely due to the different components and corresponding performance.


For the traditional line laser, the light in the middle of the light source is brighter. As it extends to both sides, the light gradually becomes less bright and unclear which cannot meet the special requirements of customers. The uniform line laser has good uniformity of light intensity distribution and high signal-to-noise can meet a variety of high-quality requirements.

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ELITE Uniform Line Laser includes “Special Lens” and “Powell Lens”, which are high-performance laser line generators (projectors). “Powell Lens” is the standard uniform line laser solution in the market. ELITE “Special Lens” Uniform Line Laser is an exclusive patent, providing better uniform line width and intensity. This special solution has solved “bright spot” at both ends of the laser line and improved beam quality, Therefore, the sharpness and resolution of scanning can be improved. Uniform Line Laser can be extensively used in Biological Instruments, Machine Vision, 3D Scanners, AGV Robot, LiDAR etc.


ELITE provides different kinds of line laser modules to meet various applications’ needs. Feel Free to us at or +86-29-68590616 for more details!