What is a machine vision laser?

What is a machine vision laser?

Dec 01, 2020


What can machine vision bring? It can make autonomous driving safer on the road, make crops grow more healthily and make robots serve as a good helper in our life. Machine vision is widely used in industry, and its core functions include measurement, detection, identification and positioning, etc. Its industrial chain can be divided into upstream component market, midstream system integration and complete equipment market and downstream application market, and our laser is the core component of its upstream industrial chain.

What is a machine vision laser? Machine vision laser, as the name implies, is the eye of a robot. Machine vision is to measure and judge with machines instead of human eyes. Machine vision system converts the target into image signals through machine vision products (namely image acquisition device, divided into CMOS and CCD), and transmits them to a special image processing system to obtain the morphological information of the target, which is converted into digital signals according to pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information. The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the features of the target and then controls the on-site device action according to the discriminant results. 



Machine vision laser, with its high performance and high reliability, is widely used in various 2D/3D vision applications and detection systems. With fine fringe, uniform power distribution, edge definition and other characteristics, the maximum extent to improve the imaging resolution and accuracy of visual applications. We can provide a series of products with different projection patterns, different wavelengths and different power to meet customers' various requirements. Easy integration, high reliability structure, can be easily combined with a variety of visual systems, to achieve a variety of machine vision applications.

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