What Is A Fiber Laser Used For?

What Is A Fiber Laser Used For?

Aug 14, 2019

Fiber laser application range is very wide, including fiber optic communications, laser space distance communication, industry, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, laser engraving, laser marking laser cutting, printing, military defense security, medical equipment, large infrastructure, and so on.

Besides of above applications, there is a new material fibrance from Corning. Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber is a glass optical fiber made for thin, colorful, aesthetic lighting. This technology enables decorative lighting to be designed or embedded into tight or small places where other bulky lighting elements cannot fit. With this fiber, designers can add light where and how they want, while enhancing the product’s overall appeal, functionality, and user experience.


Blue Laser Module (3) Green Laser Module (4) Red Laser Module (2)

In order to achieve perfect light effects, RGB laser module and Single-color laser module are its best partner. According to different usage scenarios, users can freely choose different power, different size and different color laser diode modules to couple the Light- Diffusing fiber.

RGB fiber laser (15) single-color laser module


To RGB laser diode module, it can be used to Architecture outside decoration, Art & Design, Automotive lights, etc. To Single-color laser diode module, it can be used to Consumer electronics, Textiles & Fabric, Wearables & Safety


RGB laser module RGB laser module single-color laser module

Where to buy Fiber coupled RGB laser module and Single-color laser module?

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