What are the dangers of lasers?

What are the dangers of lasers?

Nov 06, 2019

          With the rapid development and wide application of laser technology, a variety of laser products can be used in our life. Some laser products can be used safely, but the improper operation can cause serious damage to our skin and eyes. Therefore, we must correctly understand the level of the laser and know about the degree of hazard in order to avoid more laser injury accidents.

International Laser Classification Level:

CDRH class

IEC class


Class I: <0.4mw

Class 1

The laser is safe under almost all foreseeable working conditions and does not damage to human eyes and skin.

Class 1M

Observing the lasers through optical amplifying elements such as magnifiers can cause injury, and all other conditions are safe.

Class IIa

When watching the laser does not exceed 1000s, it is considered to be safe and will not be harmful to the human body.

Class II: 0.4-1mW

 Class 2

Usually, less than 1mW of the laser can cause dizziness, but close eyes to protect and can eliminate the symptoms. Do not observe directly in the beam, and avoid to directly illuminate other people's eyes.

Class 2M

This type of laser is similar to class 2 except that it is harmful to observe through optical focusing elements.

Class IIIa: 1-5mW

Class 3R

Directly watching the laser is potentially harmful to the eyes.

Class IIIb: 5-500mW

Class 3B

The energy produced by the laser does not harm the skin. But CDRH   believes it is dangerous to the skin and eyes during direct exposure.

ClassⅣ: >500mW

 Class 4

It is the highest level of laser, which is very dangerous. Exposure to this type of laser can burn the skin and cause a fire.

    Elite Optoelectronics product category classification in Class II, Class IIIa, Class IIIb.

    We offer a wide range of wavelengths from 375nm to 980nm laser modules. Each category has different classification level products. For example, the output power of our industrial laser diode module is from 1mw to 200mw, the parameters of the laser module can be customized as your detailed requests.

    And Elite Optoelectronics also can provide customized product classification in Class I, Class IV. For special requirements of laser module output power less than 0.4mW, generally, we adopt the laser diode with built-in PD. It will keep the laser module's stability and life span.

    Please attention, the laser light is harmful to the human body especially to eye no matter what directly or indirectly. The laser beam shall be observed or adjusted through an infrared camera or equivalent.

Elite can provide 375nm to 980nm laser module according to your special parameter requests.  In particular, our company's high-stability BIOS series performance is very good. Welcome to share your ideas with us, we will provide you the best solutions!