What are the application scope and classification of fiber laser?

What are the application scope and classification of fiber laser?

Dec 18, 2020

Fiber laser application range is very wide, including fiber optic communications, laser space distance communication, industry, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, laser engraving, laser marking laser cutting, printing, metal, nonmetal drilling in rollers/cutting/welding, brazing welding, water quenching, cladding, and depth), military defense security, medical equipment, large infrastructure, as other laser pump sources are used, and so on.


According to the types of fiber materials, fiber lasers can be divided into:

1. Crystal fiber laserThe working material is laser crystal fiber, mainly including ruby single crystal fiber laser and ND3 + : YAG single crystal fiber laser.


2. Nonlinear optical fiber laser.There are mainly stimulated Raman scattering fiber laser and stimulated Brillouin scattering fiber laser.


3. Rare earth doped fiber laser.The matrix material of optical fiber is glass, which is activated by doping rare earth elements in the optical fiber, and then the optical fiber laser is made.


4. Plastic fiber laser.The fiber laser is made by adding laser dye into the plastic fiber core or cladding.


As a representative of the third generation laser technology, fiber laser has the following advantages:


(1) Glass fiber manufacturing cost is low, mature technology, miniaturization, intensification and other advantages


(2) The glass fiber does not require the same strict phase matching as the crystal for the incident pump light. This is due to the wider absorption band caused by the non-uniform broadening caused by the splitting of the glass matrix Stark.

(3) Glass material has a very low volume area ratio, fast heat dissipation and low loss, so the conversion efficiency is high and the laser threshold is low;


(4) Many output laser wavelengths: this is because the energy levels of rare earth ions are very rich and there are many kinds of rare earth ions;


(5) Tunability: Due to the wide rare-earth ion level and the wide fluorescence spectrum of glass fiber.


(6) Because there is no optical lens in the resonator of fiber laser, it has the advantages of no regulation, no maintenance and high stability, which cannot be compared with the traditional laser.


(7) Optical fiber export makes the laser easily competent for various multi-dimensional arbitrary space processing applications, making the design of the mechanical system very simple.


(8) Be competent for harsh working environment and have high tolerance for dust, shock, shock, humidity and temperature.


(9) There is no need for thermoelectric refrigeration and water cooling, just simple air cooling.


(10) High electro-optic efficiency: the comprehensive electro-optic efficiency is as high as 20% or more, greatly saving the power consumption during work and operating cost.


(11) High-power, current commercial fiber laser is six kilowatts.


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