The Modulation for Laser Diode Module

The Modulation for Laser Diode Module

Feb 05, 2021

TTL modulation and Analog modulation are two common modulation methods for semiconductor lasers. In addition, CW mode, digital modulation, and computer control can also be provided according to customer requirements.


What is TTL modulation?

It is a switch type modulation that controls the laser switch through high and low levels. At room temperature of 25℃, the general output high level is 3.5V, and the input low level is 0.2V. In addition, TTL modulation cannot adjust the light and dark changes of the laser. It can only realize the operation/shutdown of the laser, protect the laser circuit and extend Laser service life.


What is analog modulation?

Use a continuously changing voltage to control the output power of the laser, generally a modulation frequency of 30Hz-100kHz can be achieved. As the input voltage changes, the brightness of the laser will also change.

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