The application of mini laser diode module

The application of mini laser diode module

Sep 22, 2020

The working principle of semiconductor laser is the excitation method. The use of semiconductor materials, that is, the use of electrons to transition between energy bands to emit light, and the cleavage surface of the semiconductor crystal forms two parallel mirrors as mirrors to form a resonant cavity, which makes light oscillate, feedback, and amplify the radiation that generates light, and output laser. The advantages are small size, light weight, reliable operation, low power consumption and high efficiency. It is precisely because of these advantages that semiconductor lasers are used more and more widely.

Laser working principle 1

Optical feedback and FP cavity in laser

In industrial scenarios, semiconductor laser modules use high-quality laser diodes with special designed collimating lens and high stable driven circuit (APC)to achieve the advantages of high reliability, stable performance, good consistency, and long service life. It can be used for various mechanical equipment, field detection equipment, military equipment and instrument equipment, laser rangefinder, laser marking instrument, etc.

Mini laser module structure

Among them, the mini laser module, with its small size, low power consumption, compact structure, and low cost, has become the first choice for many equipment with strict requirements on space size. Such as gun sights, power tools, precision instruments and various tools and equipment to assist in positioning, laser collimation, laser scanning, and so on.

Elite Optoelectronics can provide the mini laser diode modules with wavelengths of 520nm, 635nm, 650nm and 850nm. The power is usually <10mw. APC drive, the smallest dimension can be ¢3.3X8.0mm. The smallest PCB circuit board size is 6*9mm. Mainly CW laser mode. MTBF is >8,000hrs. Its compact appearance, stable performance, high cost-effective advantage is very suitable for tandem micro devices and portable equipment.

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