The Application field of DOE module

The Application field of DOE module

Feb 23, 2021


In the era of Industry 4.0, the application fields of lasers are more extensive. In 3D scanning, machine vision, human industrial automation industries, DOE lasers are being widely explored.


Common DOE lenses currently include Dot line DOE, Dot-matrix DOE, Multi lines DOE, 10X10 Grid DOE, Truly-random pattern DOE, Pseudo-random pattern DOE, Dot circles DOE, and customized pattern DOE.


Elite adopts imported glass DOE, and common patterns are available. Through reasonable design schemes, we can provide customers with high-performance DOE laser modules, and at the same time can provide customers with modules that can replace the DOE by themselves. The wavelength range of the module is 405nm-980nm, and other parameters can be customized according to customer requirements.


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