Operating Principle Of Semiconductor Laser

Operating Principle Of Semiconductor Laser

Mar 19, 2021

Characteristics Of semiconductor Laser

Laser diode is class1 laser device with semiconductor material as a working substance. It was born in 1962. In addition to the common characteristics of lasers, also has the following advantages:

(1) small size, lightweight;

(2) Low driving power and current;

(3) high efficiency, long working life;

(4) direct current modulation

(5) easy to achieve optoelectronic integration with various optoelectronic devices;

(6) Compatible with semiconductor manufacturing technology; It can be produced in large quantities.

Due to these characteristics, semiconductor laser has attracted worldwide attention and research since it was published. And become the fastest development, the most widely used, the earliest bring out of the lab to achieve commercialization and the largest output value of class 1 of laser device in the world.


Operating Principle Of Semiconductor Laser

Laser working principle 2

The working principle of the semiconductor laser is the excitation mode, using semiconductor substance (using electrons) between the energy band to make transition glow, with the cleavage surface of semiconductor crystal to form two parallel mirror as a reflector, was composed of the resonant cavity, make light oscillates, feedback, produce light radiation amplification, drive output of the laser.

The semiconductor laser work is dependent on the injected carrier, transmits the laser beam must have three basic conditions:

(1) Enough distributions of population inversion, that is the number of particles in the high- energy state is enough to be greater than in the low- energy state;

(2) It could do feedback effects with a suitable resonator cavity, the photons of stimulated radiation can be  proliferation to produce laser oscillations

(3) Certain threshold conditions must be met, to make the photon gain equal to or greater than the loss

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