Laser diodes revolutionize optical sensing and material processing

Laser diodes revolutionize optical sensing and material processing

Jul 26, 2019

Laser Diodes (LD) is a kind of laser generator. Its working substance is semiconductor. It belongs to solid-state laser. Most laser diodes are similar in structure to general diodes. Since in operation the laser diode’s energy conversion process of the electron involves only two energy levels, and there is no energy loss caused by the indirect band gap, so the efficiency is relatively high. In addition to high efficiency, laser diodes have the advantages of small size and long life.


At present, laser diode mainly include single heterojunction (SH), double heterojunction (DH) and quantum well (QW). Elite Optoelectronics can provide various wavelengths from ultraviolet light to long-wave infrared light: the center wavelength is depending to the device structure and semiconductor material. The figure below shows the main application areas of laser diodes.

laser diode application

A single laser transmitter can provide a power output ranging from milliwatts to a few watts. Each laser emitter can be used alone or in combination as a laser diode strip for optical pumping of solid-state lasers or integrated into a laser diode module to meet a variety of application needs. The following figure shows a typical application example of laser diode technology in the field of 3D sensing and imaging. The widespread adoption of this technology will revolutionize the consumer electronics and automotive industries.

laser diode application 2_

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