Is the laser bullet the best training product during the COVID-19?

Is the laser bullet the best training product during the COVID-19?

Aug 14, 2020

Is the laser bullet the best training product during the COVID-19?2020 is a new journey for all. Covid-19 has not been completely lifted; we still need to be prepared for a long-term fight against the virus. Although the current epidemic is rampant all over the world, there are still sufficient conditions for ensuring safety training. The epidemic has changed our daily life, the way we train, and even the way we think. However, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, life continues and training continues.



If like shooting, but rarely take time out of a busy day to go to the shooting range, or because of the epidemic situation cannot go to the shooting range training. Moreover, as the price of ammunition goes up, so does the cost of going to the range. We are looking for a safe way to train at home, and especially want to let people know how to use this gun in case of self-defense.


When we're looking for solutions, firearm training using lasers instead of live ammunition seems to be the answer. Use laser bullet instead of live ammunition to overcome the fear of guns and enjoy the fun of shooting.

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Training 1

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Training 2

Elite designed the laser bullet for training and shooting simulation, after many times tests in real shooting guns, this product gets mature and launch into market.

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The laser bullet is caliber specific that offers a revolutionary way to train almost anywhere.

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Designed to match popular calibers in 223, 204,30Carbine, 9mm, .22, 7.62x39, 7.62x51, 7.62x54, 8x57mm, 25-06Rem (30-06Spr/270Win), 243Win (308Win/260Rem/7mm-08/358Win), 22-250Rem, 30-30Win, 264Win 375H+H, 270WSM, 45-70Gove, 6.5x55mm, 38Spec,44Mag, 45Acp, 45Colt, 40S&W, 12Gauge, 20Gauge,40S&W the laser trainer cartridge fits inside the chamber and features a firing-pin activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright red laser dot.

For the cost of one or two visits to a local ranges shooting, enthusiasts can enjoy a lifetime of free training with the laser trainer cartridge at the location that works best for them.


We see it as one of the most valuable weapons training on the marketIf you want to know more about laser bullets, please contact us.