How to protect the laser module?

How to protect the laser module?

Jan 08, 2021

Semiconductor laser diode modules are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge and current transients, which may lead to the reduction of the laser output power, the shift of the threshold current, and other destructive damages.


Here are some guidelines to minimize damage to the laser module while using.



1) Drive

Do not use a voltage source to drive the laser module. At the same time, the selected current source must have short-circuit protection, slow start, independent limiting current clamping circuit, over-voltage protection and transient suppression circuit.


Choose a current source whose maximum current output is higher than the operating current of the laser module. To make the laser module run at a lower temperature to ensure that the laser clamp has the ability to dissipate heat properly.



2) Operating environment

Maximize the physical isolation of electromagnetic interference sources, and try to keep the laser cable away from other equipment cables. If the industrial load switch is in the laboratory, or near the laboratory, you need to use an isolation transformer or a surge suppressor cord to connect the current source equipment.



3) Operation and ESD protection

ESD is considered to be the main cause of early failure or damage of laser module. Be sure to use an anti-static ring (ground resistance 1 MΩ), and the soldering station is grounded, the workbench is grounded as well. It is best to use ion blowers and anti-static mats. When transporting and storing the laser, its lead should be short-circuited (the output of ILX current source will be automatically short-circuited when not in use). Put the laser module somewhere static electricity is dissipated, and keep it away from charge generating materials.


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