How to Eliminate the Laser Beam Drift?

How to Eliminate the Laser Beam Drift?

Jan 29, 2021

The laser beam have its good monochromaticity, high brightness and high stability, it is often used as a measurement benchmark and widely used in ultra-precision processing equipment and measurement instrument. However, the laser is affected by its own thermal deformation, environmental vibration and air disturbance, the emitted laser beam often drifts during the propagation process, which limits the further improvement of the laser collimation accuracy. This drift is called beam drift.


There are mainly three different types of laser beam drift, namely: the laser beam emitted by the laser itself has beam drift; the adjustment device of the fixed laser transmitter has mechanical displacement, which causes the laser beam to drift slowly; the beam caused by air disturbance or uneven refractive index drifting or bending.

In order to improve this problem that the beam quality of semiconductor laser is not good and is greatly affected by temperature, one of solutions called the High Stability Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser Module developed by Elite Optoelectronics, the laser adopts closed-loop modulation circuit and active temperature and current control function, the long-term power stability reached 8h<1.0% and after collimation, the laser output through a single-mode polarization maintaining fiber, which has excellent beam quality and pointing stability (M2≤1.2 divergence angle close to diffraction limit, beam pointing stability <4urad/℃, linear of the polarization ratio > 50:1). 



This single mode fiber coupled laser with a wavelength range of 375nm-785nm, is being used for the biotech and medical device: Confocal microscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, Optogenetics, Flow cytometry, Live-cell imaging, Light sheet microscopy. The optical drift also can be completely eliminated, and not only the beam quality can be improved after passing through the optical fiber with the single-mode transmission but also the cost is very low.

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