How powerful is the laser?A couple of little experiments to tell you!

How powerful is the laser?A couple of little experiments to tell you!

Aug 20, 2020

Laser is not strange to us, we usually see the laser are multicolor, irradiation is very good-looking, when I was a child to play with the toy gun with infrared ray, often be used to stare at small partners, but do you know how big the power of laserNow I with the following groups of small experiments to tell you!

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First of all, we first took out a balloon filled with air, opened the laser light on the above, the balloon actually burst, there is not very surprised, don't worry, there are more incredible below! Next, we prepared three standing matches and shone a laser on them. After a while, the matches were burnt out.

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Next, we have prepared a lighter and a candle. After lighting the candle, we will take a magnifying glass to reflect the laser and shine the light from the laser on the lighter. After waiting for a few seconds, the lighter will be sprayed by the laser.So why does this happen? Originally, also known as laser, laser is considered to be the fastest knife, most accurate measurement of the brightest light, is another big magic invention of mankind, because it is the brightness of the sun 10 billion times, so that can produce a clear and focused beam, when it is concentrated at one point, it produces the temperature of the surface temperature higher than the sun.

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If so, it doesn't seem like a big deal that a laser can burst a balloon or break a match. 

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