High Stability Laser module For Flow Cytometry

High Stability Laser module For Flow Cytometry

Dec 25, 2019

Elite Optoelectronics provides a market-proven high stability laser - Bios Series Laser. Bios Series offers superior performance, reliability, and high SNR(signal to noise ratio). Applying our advanced technology and manufacturing technique, Elite successfully reduced the cost of premium laser products.

High Stability Bios Series Laser has extensive application in biomedical detection and imaging technology such as:

• Confocal Microscopy

• DNA Sequencing

• Flow Cytometry

• Medical Imaging and Instrumentation

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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is an extremely powerful method. Flow cytometry, originally developed in the late 1960s, is a popular analytical cell biology technique that uses light to count and analyze cells in a heterogeneous fluid mixture. The advantages of flow cytometry are detecting quickly, accurately data in live cells.

Flow cytometry is a precision instrument for measuring the fluorescence signal of cells. It has the characteristics of high throughput, high sensitivity, high precision quantification, and multi-channel measurement. The purity of high-speed cell sorting can reach more than 99%.

Flow cytometry can measure many cell indicators, such as cell morphology, cell surface, and intracellular antigens, many immunofluorescent stained proteins, protein interactions, protein phosphorylation, cell membrane integrity, fluidity, membrane fusion, and Inversion, membrane potential, cytosolic Ca2 +, PH value, cytoskeleton composition, DNA and RNA content, telomere length, karyotype analysis, and even chromatid sorting.

Elite Bios series laser covers the wavelength spectrum—from the Ultraviolet at 375 nm to the near-Infrared at 785 nm. Elite offers customized services for special customer requirements in beam quality and housing dimensions.

Elite Optoelectronics is a leading worldwide manufacturer, supplier, and laser solution provider. Our product line includes High Stability Laser, Uniform Line Laser, DOE laser, Industrial laser module, and DPSS Lasers, and widely used in medical equipment and instrument, Machine Vision, 3D Scanning, and Industrial equipment.