China’s laser industry developing status and trends

China’s laser industry developing status and trends

Jul 31, 2019

1.    Globalization

The international industrial laser giant has entered the Chinese market and explored well, meanwhile China's laser manufacturing has to fully enter the developed countries' market in return. Only this two-way infiltration can be called the true globalization.

2.     Stronger penetrability

In the past 10 years, the technological development of industrial lasers has not been rapid, but every year, new laser applications are emerging one after another, infiltrating into almost every business lines, constantly replacing traditional processes and breaking new technologies. This is the essence of laser manufacturing development.

3.    Constantly growing capital driving force.

On the one hand, the laser manufacturing industry has been sought after by investors whose investments accelerated the development of the laser manufacturing industry the other way around. On the other hand, many companies have used capital to accelerate integration to complete the strategic layout. Laser enterprise intensive IPO is a realistic embodiment.

4.    Polarization

That’s civilianization and high-end customization. Civilianization is a batch standard product, cost-effective, durable, and low cost, making laser truly a universal tool, a conventional tool. High-end customization is designed to adapt to the laser manufacturing process which is tremendously varied and complicated in different areas. As mentioned above, this is the essence of laser manufacturing applications. There are much more to be done. 

5.    Solidification-state 

Industrial mainstream lasers, including fiber lasers, solid-state lasers, and direct semiconductor lasers, are all solid-state lasers. These mainstream industrial lasers all use semiconductor lasers as pumping sources or direct applications. The important reason is that semiconductor lasers have the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, long life, high reliability, and multiple wavelengths. It’s the favorite of industrial application customers.

6.    Intellectualization  

The characteristics of laser manufacturing are: flexible, green, high speed and high precision. These innate genetic advantages are ideal for integration with informatization, internet, and artificial intelligence.

China laser industry annual outcome chart

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