635nm 650nm Mini Lasers

635nm 650nm Mini Lasers

Wavelength: 450nm ~ 850nm
Output power: ≤ 5mW
Lens: Optical Glass Lens
MTBF > 8,000 hours
Customize: YES


1. Product Description

ELIET offers highly customized mini size laser diode module with optical glass lens, available wavelengths 450nm, 520nm, 635nm, 650nm, 780nm, 850nm with output power less than 5mW. The smallest dimension is Ø3.3x8.0mm. Over 20 years of experience in the laser industry, ELIET provides top vendor level OEM and ODM services. ELIET provides not only premium products but industrial solutions for global laser customers.

ELITE engineers designed mini lasers with the optical glass lens guarantee that high quality beam spot and MTBF > 8,000 hours, which means less than 2% failures over 8,000 hours. Many of our customers applied ELITE mini lasers in all kinds of industries.

ELITE has over 20years of experience in the laser industry and serves customers worldwide. It becomes ELITE the most valuable asset. ELITE able to provide laser solutions for our customers base on their application or needs. ELITE help our customer save lots of cost and time of development.

2. Product Specification


Mini Lasers


450nm 520nm 635nm 650nm 780nm 850nm

Output Power

< 5mW

CDRH Class



Ø1.0mm, Ø1.5mm, Ø2.0mm, Ø2.4mm, Ø3.0mm


0.60mrad ~ 3.0mrad

Beam Size

5x10mm, 6x12mm, 8x16mm, 10x20mm (@10m)

Laser Drive Modes

CW, Analog Modulation, Digital Modulation


Optical Glass Lens


Ø3.3x8.0mm, Ø3.8x8.5mm, Ø4.0x6.0mm, Ø4.0x8.5mm, Ø4.0x10mm, Ø6.0x12mm (Custom)

Operating Current

<120mA, <35mA, <25mA

Input Voltage

3.0V 5.0V

Operating Temperature

-10℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature

-40℃ to 80℃


> 8,000 Hours

3. Product Features and Applications

Features: Small Size, lightweight, low consumption, low cost, good quality beam

Applications: Industrial, Laser Alignment, Machine Vision, Inspection, Medical & Aesthetics, Laser Sight, Smoke Detection, Bar Scan

4. Product Details

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mini lasers supplier

mini lasers factory

mini lasers vendor

5. Payment and Shipping

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