Bios Series Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser

Bios Series Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser

Wavelength: 375nm ~ 785nm
Output power: 20mW ~ 500mW
Spatial Mode: TEM00
RMS Noise: 0.2%
MTBF: > 10,000 hours
Customize: YES
Applications: Bio-Detection and Analysis, Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy, Raman Microscopy, DNA Sequencing and Analysis


 1. Product Description

Elite provides an excellent quality high stability single mode fiber coupled laser module. Bios series SMF Lasers the same as Bios series Lasers the premium product of Elite with leading technology, advanced production lines, and complete testing equipment. Bios series lasers feature superior power, low RMS noise, and higher beam quality that are key to customer needs from high-end laser sources.

ELITE Bios series laser products provide stable output power and high signal to noise ratio. Available Wavelengths from 375nm to 785nm. ELITE laser module using optical glass, which provides a better beam and long lifespan. With ELITE exclusive design APC drive guarantees Bios series lasers stability and reliability.

High stability and low noise feature and with single-mode fiber technology, providing high performance for our customer. With excellent engineer team, ELITE offer customized service. According to your requirements. The Leading time start from 2 weeks.


Flow Cytometry

Confocal Microscopy

Raman Microscopy

DNA Sequencing and Analysis

Medical Imaging and Instrumentation

2. Product Specification


Bios SMF Lasers


375 ~ 785 nm

Output Power

10 ~ 500 mW

Fiber Cable Type

3mm Mono-Coil

Fiber Cable Length

1.0m (customizable)

Fiber Numerical Aperture(1/e2)


Fiber Core Diameter


Spatial Mode


M2(Beam Quality)

≤ 1.2

Beam Asymmetry

≤ 1:1.2

RMS Noise (20Hz to 20MHz)

< 0.2%

Peak-to-Peak Noise (20Hz to 20Khz)

< 0.5%

Long-term Power Stability (8hrs, ±3℃)

< 1.0%

Operating Voltage


Polarization Ratio

Minimum 100:1, Vertical ±5°

Laser Drive Modes

CW, Analog Modulation, Digital Modulation

Laser Safety Classification


ESD Protection

Level 4

Laser Head Baseplate Temp


Operating Temperature

10℃ to 40℃

Storage Temperature

-20℃ to 60℃


> 10,000 Hours

3. Product Features and Applications

Features: High Stability, High Reliability, Ultra-lower Noise, Plug & Play, Output Power up to 500mW

Applications: Bio-Detection and Analysis, Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy, Raman Microscopy, DNA Sequencing and Analysis, etc.

4. Product Details

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single mode Laser Module supplier

single mode Laser Module factory

single mode Laser Module vendor

5. Payment and Shipping

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