Small Size Mini Bios Laser Series Modules For DNA Analysis

Wavelength: 375nm~785nm
Output power: 10mW~500mW
Spatial Mode: TEM00
RMS Noise: 0.2%
MTBF: > 10,000 hours
Customized service: YES
Applications: Bio-Detection and Analysis, Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy, Raman Microscopy, DNA Sequencing and Analysis


1. Product Description

The Bios series high stability diode laser source of Elite adopts high-performance LD, has stable wavelength and high output power. Available wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared(375~785nm).

The control system based on the advanced microprocessor, together with the high-precision ATC and ACC control circuit can realize the stable output and ensure the simplicity and immediacy of the operation simultaneously.

Elite can offer the corresponding communication interface and control software according to the requirement of the user in order to achieve computer control.

Bios series products include Free Space Laser and Fiber Coupled Laser(SMF Fiber Coupled Laser with FC or SMA 905 connector), both offer highly customized services.

Free Space Bios series is available in two sizes:

1.The standard size:(L)80mm X (W)38mm X (H)45mm

2.The mini size:(L)55mm X (W)33mm X (H)32mm

Low Noise Laser

The noise issues of lasers are due to the competition of mode in laser resonant cavity, which lead to high frequency jitter of output power. Through special design for laser resonant cavity and other components, the laser amplitude noise can be reduced efficiently.

Elite low noise laser can be widely applied to DNA sequences, cell sorting, spectrum analysis, interference measurement, laser holography, photo processing and biomedical and other fields.


Flow Cytometry

Confocal Microscopy

Raman Microscopy

DNA Sequencing and Analysis

Medical Imaging and Instrumentation

2. Product Specification


Bios Series Lasers

Operation Wavelength Range

375 nm ~ 785 nm

Operation Wavelength Accuracy


Output Power

10 ~ 500 mW

Spatial Mode


M2(Beam Quality)

≤ 1.2

Beam Asymmetry

≤ 1:1.2

Beam Profile


Beam Divergence (full-angle)

< 1.0 mrad

RMS Noise (20Hz to 20MHz)

< 0.2%



Peak-to-Peak Noise (20Hz to 20Khz)

< 0.5%

Long-term Power Stability (8hrs, ±3℃)

< 1.0%

Operating Voltage


Polarization Ratio

Minimum 100:1, Vertical ±5°

Laser Drive Modes

CW, Analog Modulation, Digital Modulation, Computer Control

Laser Safety Classification


ESD Protection

Level 4

Laser Head Baseplate Temp


Operating Temperature

10℃ to 40℃

Storage Temperature

-20℃ to 60℃


> 10,000 Hours


18 Months

3. Product Features


Stable output power

High signal to noise ratio

From plug-and-play

Compact design, convenient to use

High extinction ratio, easy for coding

TTL modulation, analog modulation optional

Integrated control electronics

Built-In Laser Protection Features

Fiber Coupling and Patch Cord Option Available

Long lifetime, cost-effectiveness

FDA Compliant

4. Product Details

Bios Series Laser(6)

Bios Series Laser(8)

Bios Series Laser(9)

Bios Series Laser(7)

Mini Bios


1. What's the way of shipping

Shipping via FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, and SF Express.

2. What's the payment method?

Assurance payment on Alibaba, Wire Transfer, T/T, PayPal, etc.

3. What's your MOQ?

1 Piece

4. What's the delivery time?

3 – 7 days for International Shipping,

5. Can I customize the products based on my requirements?

Yes. We can design and produce lasers based on your special requirements.

6. Do you have any certifications for lasers?

Yes. All our lasers are certified with CE, RoHS, and FDA.

7. How long is the warranty period?

12 months.

6. Contact Us

Elite Optoelectronics Headquarters


Call Us:

+86-29-68590616 (Phone)

+86-29-68590728 (Fax)

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